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Uplifting Queers, People of Color, and Women in Filmmaking

We Are a Young & Creative
Video Production Company

Our goal is to form a collective of creatives that can network and rely on each other to help with all aspects of production in a timely and effective manner, minimizing the stresses of filmmaking and using each other as a resource for collaboration.


Too many communities have been marginalized by the toxic, male-dominated Hollywood standards of the film industry. At Gardenhouse, we strive to end this by working with minority filmmakers  as a collective by acquiring and renting film equipment for low-cost, as well as producing films led by these communities. 


Basically, at Gardenhouse we strive to bring people together to make the films they want to make without breaking the bank to do so. 

Formed while still in film school, we at Gardenhouse noticed that many of us, who are queer women in the Film and TV major, were having the same bad experiences with the standards of the male-dominated film industry.


From being flirted with on our own sets, being told how to do our jobs as department heads , to being told our entire script needs to be changed because a professor doesn't get any other narrative than the white, heteronormative mainstream media they’re used to. There are countless instances of disrespect because of our identity, race, etc. 


We wanted to see a change. So, we formed Gardenhouse to be a safe haven for the minorities of the film industry. A place to have our ideas heard without trying to be changed to be more palatable to narrow minded audiences. A place to make films without judgment or assumption based on personal factors that have nothing to do with film. 


Though we are just getting started, our vision is to collect a variety of filmmakers from all departments to be able to call upon one another to help make each other's films, as well as use our fundraising to fund these films without breaking the bank. To do so, we plan to collect a wide variety of film equipment to rent out at low-cost to the surrounding film community. 


If any of this sounds like something you’d like to be a part of, we are always taking submissions for scripts and applications for our production company call list. Any donation you can make also helps us and our student-run production company to be able to continue creating and is greatly appreciated.

Crew Sourcing and Networking

Interacting with others to exchange information and develop professional or social bonds.

What We Do


Commercial, Music Video, Narrative Film, and Marketing Production.

Equipment Rentals and Merchandise

Development used for the rental of tools, appliances, recreation craft, light construction equipment, or similar items.

Founder/Head of Production Company

Meet the Team

Head of Operations
Head Coordinator
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Head of Camera and Equipment

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